Community Needs Assessment

Through the vast resources available on the Indy Indicators website we are able to assist communities, hospitals, public health departments and other organizations assess the overall health of their community. Whether the need is to satisfy a regulatory requirement or to impact a neighborhood, the Indy Indicators team has the experience and resources available to meet your needs. What follows is a sample of data, analytic tools and reports to demonstrate what is possible. We encourage you to take a look at the site to discover how we can help you and your organization.

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Data Extracts: During the development of this website, steps were taken to provide both a robust and comprehensive set of data to adequately assess quality of life in a region and to support completion of Community Health Needs Assessments (CHNA). This does not mean that other data may not be available. If there is a source of data that improves the site or enhances the ability to conduct a CHNA, it can be added to the Indy Indicators database or to an individual client’s website.

Surveys: Surveys are an excellent way to supplement data collection and provide a mechanism for utilizing current, primary data in CHNAs. This sample survey is an example of one used previously by a local unit of government to collect data to support a needs assessment.

Mapping: Through the resources contained within the website, it is possible to supplement your CHNA work with maps. This food deserts map provides an example of how maps could be used to enhance your website or CHNA reports and display areas of need or improvement.

Focus Group Formation and Facilitation: The CHNA requirements call for public input. With decades of experience in civic engagement we can assist with all aspects of planning and conducting focus groups and public input events.