Data Central

If the key indicators and maps have given you food for thought but left you hungry for more data, we can help. This page provides access to a broader selection of data in the Data Browser, the ability to build your own neighborhood profile for anywhere in central Indiana, and radius reports from sister sites that will pique your interest. Email us to let us know what else you'd like to see here.

Data Central Browser

Access data for central Indiana and beyond, all in one convenient location.

Build a Neighborhood Profile

Build your own regions using tract data. Then view data for your region as profiles or download tables.

Radius Profiles

Pick a location and view detailed reports from our partners on employment, housing and more.

More Links to Great Resources

  • STATS Indiana: Indiana’s statistical data utility provides convenient access to a wide variety of data for geographic areas in Indiana and across the nation.
  • PolicyMap: Even though only some of the data are free in this web-based mapping tool, it can be a real help when looking for census tract or ZIP code data.
  • Community Health Status Indicators: The goal of Community Health Status Indicators (CHSI) is to provide an overview of key health indicators for local communities.
  • County Health Rankings: This sites illustrates what we know when it comes to what’s making people sick or healthy, as well as what we can do to create healthier places to live, learn, work and play.
  • Kids Count Data Center: Explore hundreds of measures of well-being for kids across the nation, or in your state, city, or community.
  • Hoosiers By the Numbers: Workforce data from the Indiana Department of Workforce Development
  • IndianaMap: The largest publicly available collection of Indiana geographic information system (GIS) map data.