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Marion County, Indiana

Largest City: Indianapolis (2013 population: 852,866)

Population per Square Mile: 2,342.96

Square Miles: 396.20

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How many people live here?NumberRank in StatePercent of StateIndiana
Today 2013928,281114.1%6,570,902
Census 2010903,393113.9%6,483,797
Tomorrow (2020 projection)*951,780113.9%6,852,121
Percent Change 2010 to Today2.8%1 1.3%

*Projection based on 2010 Census counts.
Sources: U.S. Census Bureau; Indiana Business Research Center

How does our population grow? 2012-2013NumberRank in StatePercent of StateIndiana
Net Domestic Migration (from other counties in Indiana or states in the U.S.)12911 -1,179
Net International Migration (directly from other countries)2,7391 9,404
Natural Increase (births minus deaths)6,988126.9%25,992

Source: U.S. Census Bureau

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How young or old is our population? 2013NumberRank in StatePct Dist.
in County
Pct Dist.
in State
Preschool (0 to 4)69,90617.5%6.4%
School Age (5 to 17)161,268117.4%17.7%
College Age (18 to 24)92,14919.9%10.1%
Young Adult (25 to 44)272,319129.3%25.4%
Older Adult (45 to 64)229,815124.8%26.4%
Seniors (65 and older)102,824111.1%13.9%
Median Age34.1  Median Age = 37.4
Under 18231,174124.9%24.1%